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Bachelors in heat power engineering and heat engineering in power engineering of heat technologies in Ivanovo state power engineering university

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This track meets the challenge set global warming and depletion of fossil fuel resources by providing state-of-the-art education in advanced technologies and systems for efficient, clean and competitive conversion, distribution and use of electricity, heating and cooling. Students become skilled in analysis, optimization and design of combined heat and power plants and industrial heat processes, acquiring also state-of-the-art knowledge on technologies for fuel conversion with reduced or zero CO2 emissions

A document certifying an education of an appropriate level (certificate or diploma) about secondary general education or primary vocational education (confirming the receipt of secondary general education), or secondary vocational education or higher education and about qualification in the original or its copy (not certified copies required), The completed invitation form, passport, study visa, a migration card with a stamp crossing the border and with the specified purpose of LEARNING , a document on full secondary education with 55% marks, medical certificate of health status.

I&C Process Engineer, Energy Analyst, Control System Engineer, Project Manager, Boiler Operation Engineer, Site Manager

25th Jul

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