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Ba oriental language and literature in Gachon university

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The Department of Oriental Language and Literature produces experts who can grasp the grand currents of time with objective viewpoints, and pursue universal values with a global-mind set, while responding to the 21st century, the era of Asia, through a broad-ranging education in the languages and literature of China and Japan.The department is subdivided into two majors: a Chinese language and literature major course and a Japanese language and literature major course.Students who sign up for the Chinese language and literature major will develop a deeper understanding of China by learning their literature and culture, while sharpening Chinese language skills so that they will have the ability to participate in the globalization trend and contribute to exchange activities with China.In addition, students will be encouraged to study more diversified Chinese literature that will help them with their personal growth and development of a virtuous character.

A copy of high school graduate diploma, Academic Transcripts, Statement of Purpose, Letter consenting to academic background check, A copy of passport

Chinese Interpreter , technical tests , Administration , technical support, Interpreter

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