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Ba philosophy in Yeungnam university

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Philosophy has the longest history in all academic subjects. It provides logical analyses of and concepts of various issues of the world and gives the understanding of human being as a whole.Thus, the logical mode of thought as secondary order, the foundation of knowledge and science, essence of existence, standards of value and behavioral norms, as well as the meaning of history, religion and art are usually studied in philosophy.

High school graduation, Korean Language Proficiency, Application Form, Agreement for Academic Records, Official High School Graduation Certificate Translated into Korean or English with its notarial certificate, High School Transcripts Translated into Korean (or English) with its notarial certificate, Certificate of Language Proficiency, Certificate of Completion and Transcript of a Language Institution of a Korean University, Family Relationship Certificate, Original Copy of Bank Statement Finance verification, Certificate of employment:Applicant or financial sponsor, Income Certification :Applicant or financial sponsor, Photocopy of Passport, Photocopy of all family members ID, Photocopy of Alien Registration Card, Applicants who apply to major of Designand Art : Submit a portfolio of 5 works; Dance : Submit a 3 minutes performance video, A certificate of level 3or above in the Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK) or A certificate of YU TOPIK, A standardized English proficiency test score on one of the following tests; TOEFL (iBT 80, PBT 550, or above) or IELTS 5.5 or above, TEPS 550 or above

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