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Bachelors degree in art history in Autonomous university of barcelona

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The Bachelor's Degree in History of Art trains up experts in analysis and management of art heritage, a vital part of such important sectors as the cultural industry and tourism. Art History deals with the study and interpretation of art through time. Currently, this field is characterised by the rapid development of contemporary art, the continuous expansion of the cultural industry, and the use of new technological resources. This degree explores both the universal history of artistic expression and that of the specific areas of Spanish and Catalan art: critics, exhibitors, curators, teachers, heritage managers, researchers, specialised journalists or tourism professionals, among other profiles.

Secondary school diploma, University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training), Certified copy of your official duly validated transcript, issued by the competent authorities, listing the period in academic years, subjects taken, credits earned and grades obtained, Test of Interactive English (TIE) scores.

Careers in Teaching in secondary and higher education, Design, Exhibition curating, Auctioneers, art galleries, valuation of art works

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