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Bachelors degree in environmental biology in Autonomous university of barcelona

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The Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Biology provides basic training in the relationship between biological systems, in all their complexity and diversity, and the natural environment. Almost all aspects of human activity are conditioned by the need to minimise the impact they have on the natural environment. In order to do this, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of how organisms, populations and communities respond to the environment, as well as their ability to transform it. This knowledge requires the analysis of spatial variability and dynamics over time of biological systems, often with regard to species. The degree also gives training in the application of this knowledge to dealing with conservation and management issues.

Secondary school diploma, University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training), Certified copy of your official duly validated transcript, issued by the competent authorities, listing the period in academic years, subjects taken, credits earned and grades obtained, Test of Interactive English (TIE) scores.

Medical Laboratory Assistant, Pharmaceutical salesperson, Biomedical Engineer, Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Secondary teacher

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