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Bachelors degree in translation and interpreting in Autonomous university of barcelona

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The aim of the Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpreting is to provide training in the principal modes and areas of translation and interpreting, a profession that is present in many spheres and which requires multiple skills within different language combinations. The basic modes of translation and interpreting are written translation, screen translation, localisation, sight translation, liaison interpreting and consecutive interpreting both in traditional and consolidated areas of professional practice (specialised and editorial translation) and in newer areas in our country (translation and interpreting in hospitals, education centres, courts of law, etc.).

Secondary school diploma, University entrance exam (PAU) and CFGS (Advanced professional training), Certified copy of your official duly validated transcript, issued by the competent authorities, listing the period in academic years, subjects taken, credits earned and grades obtained, Test of Interactive English (TIE) scores.

Translator and Interpretor, Freelance Foreign Language Interpreter, Remote Baltic Translator, Bilingual Interpreter

1st May

Queens University Belfast


Berlin School of Business and Innovation


De Montfort University


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Queens University Belfast