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Bachelor in dentistry in University of basel

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Dental practice is a medical discipline that combines a high level of manual work, a comprehensive medical background, ethical aspects and patient care for diseases of the oral cavity. A prerequisite for the study of dentistry is in addition to the interest in medical issues and the manual dexterity, because the dental medicine is a combination of medical activity for the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases and precision work, which requires patience, rest and endurance. The technical fine work in the narrow mouth requires concentrated work, which you will gradually learn in the bachelor's program on different models and simulators as well as in the master's program.

High school diplomas leading to a regulated profession, Secondary school certificates, Degrees of the first study level of less than 3 years duration (full time) or less than 180 ECTS, work experience, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 6.0, English language (level B2 or C1),Letter of Motivation, CV, German Language Proficiency.

Dentist, Dental Assistant, Dental Surgeon, General Dentist

30th Apr

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