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Bachelor of law in University of lausanne

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The Bachelor of Law aims to allow you to acquire good knowledge of the main disciplines of Swiss positive law : private law, public law, criminal sciences, social law and procedures,understand the growing interactions between Swiss and international and european law as well as analyse foreign legislations using a comparative approach (comparative law),develop critical and analytical skills by looking at law through the perspective of other disciplines: history of law, philosophy, sociology of law, etc.

Should represent the highest level of secondary education in the country of issue, as a result of 12 years of study (or 11 years, if year 9, 10 and 11 belong to - higher - secondary education.The candidate should have been delivered after a complete, non shortened programme.International applicants have to prove their English proficiency with IELTS Academic 6.5, Diploma of French Studies (DELF) level B1.

Barrister,Barrister's cler,Chartered legal executive , Detective,Licensed conveyancer,Paralegal,Solicitor.

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