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Bachelor in biology extra faculty in University of basel

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Biology as the key science of the 21st century explores what life is and how it works, at all levels, from the molecule to the cell to the organism and to entire ecosystems. Not only the enormous bandwidth is noticeable, but also the fact that the different biology areas are becoming more and more interconnected. Molecular biologists also study genes in whole organisms, and environmental biologists also study the molecular basis of ecosystems. In biology studies at the University of Basel, students are prepared for research in contrast to biology lessons at the school. It is no longer just general knowledge, but in particular the acquisition of a deep, up-to-date and concentrated foundation of theoretical and practical knowledge of organisms and life processes.

High school diplomas leading to a regulated profession, Secondary school certificates, Degrees of the first study level of less than 3 years duration (full time) or less than 180 ECTS, work experience, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 6.0, English language (level B2 or C1),Letter of Motivation, CV, German Language Proficiency.

Genome Scientist, PhD student, Communications Manager, Investment Analyst, Clinical Data Manager

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