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Bachelor in cultural anthropology in University of basel

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Cultural Anthropology (elsewhere also called Folklore, Empirical Cultural Studies or European Ethnology) examines the cultural processes in Europe. By culture is meant the mode of how people shape their lives in dynamic negotiation processes and give them meaning. The subject explores their meanings and practices in a variety of different topics such as migration, media use, scene activities, pastimes, work or identity politics. Cultural anthropology is characterized by a microanalytical view of concrete spaces, events, situations and people. She works with both ethnographic-qualitative methods of field research (participant observation, interviews) as well as with historical, image, text and object-analytical investigation tools. The bachelor's program focuses on introductions to theoretical and methodological instruments of cultural analysis as well as their application in different thematic fields and in conducting their own empirical surveys. Conferences, workshops and excursions abroad complement the program.

High school diplomas leading to a regulated profession, Secondary school certificates, Degrees of the first study level of less than 3 years duration (full time) or less than 180 ECTS, work experience, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 6.0, English language (level B2 or C1),Letter of Motivation, CV, German Language Proficiency.

Biological anthropologist, Lecturer - Biological Anthropology, Assistant Professor, Curator- Anthropology, Part Time Instructor

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