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Bachelor in economics non faculty in University of basel

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With this bachelor's program, an insight into the discipline of economics can be gained as a complement to a phil. Hist. Fach. This discipline is primarily about understanding how individuals, businesses, societies, economies and the global economy behave and develop as a whole. Economics deals with the (sparing) use of limited resources and goods in a society and is also referred to as economics or economics (from oikos from the Greek for family or household). They explain the behavior of individuals under different conditions and analyze social interactions within and between institutions such as producers (companies) and consumers (households). In addition, they deal with the behavior of state organs - ie politicians, administrators and stakeholders - in different political systems and are able to In addition to this political-scientific perspective, state intervention in the economy and society should also be assessed on the basis of so-called welfare criteria.

High school diplomas leading to a regulated profession, Secondary school certificates, Degrees of the first study level of less than 3 years duration (full time) or less than 180 ECTS, work experience, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 6.0, English language (level B2 or C1),Letter of Motivation, CV, German Language Proficiency.

Economics Teachers - Postsecondary, Economists, Loan Officers, Credit Analysts, Sales Managers, Survey Researchers, Treasurers and Controllers

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