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Bachelor in information management in National cheng kung university

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The department focuses on quantity method and computer use, applies to the production and management of industry, pays attention to professional curriculum and practice simulation, develops students' correct management philosophy and research innovation spirit, and cooperates with engineering and technical personnel to form modern industry. main body. The salary management system aims to cultivate management talents in the industrial sector. In addition to the basic course training, it emphasizes the cultivation of professional knowledge. The well-designed teaching curriculum combines the needs of school education with the needs of the industry to narrow the gap between school education and the industry.

High school diploma, High school transcript (or above) by year, Two recommendation letters, Study plan, English(/Chinese) autobiography, ALTE Level 3, IELTS of 5.5, TOEFL ibT of 72, TOEIC of 750, B2 Vantage

Careers in IT innovation development and technology assessment, Corporate strategy development, IT management and initiation, Consulting in IT-based business transformation

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