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Bachelor in materials science and engineering in National cheng kung university

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This department is the earliest academic unit in China to cultivate materials science and technology talents. The purpose of the establishment is to cultivate professional elites in various material design, production and R&D. Looking back at the history of the development of this department, the predecessor was inherited from the Department of Electrical Chemistry, the Department of Mining and Metallurgy, the Department of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering to the Department of Materials Engineering, to the 81st year of the Republic of China. In order to meet the current situation and facilitate long-term development, it will be further transformed into the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. The department has a good lineage, a good learning environment and a strong and complete faculty lineup.

High school diploma, High school transcript (or above) by year, Two recommendation letters, Study plan, English(/Chinese) autobiography, ALTE Level 3, IELTS of 5.5, TOEFL ibT of 72, TOEIC of 750, B2 Vantage

Materials Science Engineer, CAD technician, Design engineer, Materials engineer, Metallurgist

30th Mar

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