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Ba museum studies and art history in University of sharjah

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The Museum Studies Program s core courses provide a foundation in the theories, history, techniques, and problems common to museums, historical agencies, and related institutions as well as the specialized operations of such institutions. Students also receive classroom and field training in methods and subject matter within their chosen professional specialty: Leadership and Management, Interpretation, Collections, and Community Connections. The Museum Studies program also has well-established connections with academic disciplines such as American Studies, Anthropology, Geology, Art History, History, and Natural History, and students have many opportunities to take courses in those fields.

Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average no earlier than three years prior to joining the University.A minimum average of 70% (Literary or Scientific Section) is required for admissions to Shari'a & Islamic Studies, Business Administration, Law, Fine Arts & Design, Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Communication, Business Information System major in College of Computing and Informatics, Computer Science and Multimedia. IELTS of 5.0 and TOEFL of 61.

Professional Artist, Art Educator, Architect, Curator and Designer

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