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Ba jurisprudence and its foundations in University of sharjah

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This course examines the diverse ways in which the philosophy of law bears on the practice of law. Our subject is thus a set of philosophical concepts, particularly legal positivism and natural law, but the approach is not purely conceptual. Rather, we will examine both the philosophical concepts in the abstract and how those philosophical concepts are reflected or actualized in the craft of legal argumentation, in the intellectual history of law, and in contemporary questions of politics and government.

Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average no earlier than three years prior to joining the University.A minimum average of 70% (Literary or Scientific Section) is required for admissions to Shari'a & Islamic Studies, Business Administration, Law, Fine Arts & Design, Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, Communication, Business Information System major in College of Computing and Informatics, Computer Science and Multimedia. IELTS of 5.0 and TOEFL of 61.

Lawyer, Judge, Government Officer, Social Activist

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