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Ba %28honours%29 arts and humanities in Open university

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From poetry to string quartets, and from sculpture to short stories, the extraordinary range of human culture offers rich possibilities for study. This broad and absorbing course develops a deep understanding of the world we live in and how we got here, covering a fascinating variety of perspectives, periods and subjects -- including art history, classical studies, creative writing, English language, English literature, history, modern languages, music, philosophy, and religious studies. You'll learn from the OU's world-class academic research, through high quality module materials and engage with fellow students from around the world.Study a wide variety of subjects with the opportunity to specialise in one or two disciplines to tailor the degree to your interests or needs.Explore new ways of thinking about the arts and humanities and their relevance in contemporary societies and cultures.Develop a range of skills, including effective communication, critical thinking, analysis and self-directed work .Enrich your knowledge, prepare yourself for further study, or improve your employability in a range of careers

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification.

Study of the arts and humanities requires an understanding of human activities in diverse cultural environments and in very different historical circumstances. The breadth of study and range of cultural texts and objects analysed, combined with training in clear thinking and communication, make this degree course relevant to a wide variety of careers, including:public administration, local government, the civil service, art institutions, and social services,advertising, journalism, publishing, creative industries and public relations,education,legal work,business, banking and retail,human resources,charities and campaigningMany graduate-level jobs are open to graduates of any discipline, particularly in business, finance, management consultancy and the public sector. Some careers may require further study, training and/or work experience beyond your degree.

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