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Bm music with elective studies in business in Duquesne university

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This degree is designed to provide performing musicians with a basic understanding of business education to enhance their capacity to pursue a career in today's professional music world. While requiring students to meet the competencies common to all professional baccalaureate degrees in music, this program specifically focuses on developing the business knowledge base and analytic skills to facilitate success both in performance and other music-related business opportunities. In addition, the program emphasizes the development of aesthetic judgment in performance, the understanding of and appreciation for many different types of music, and the ability to identify musical quality.

Official high school transcripts and college transcripts, Letter of recommendation and Personal Essay, Typical SAT scores: Math (520-610), Critical reading (520-600), Writing (500-600), ACT Composite (23-28)

Careers like Music agent, Music business, Music critic or reviewerMusic curator, Music editing engineer, Music engraver, Music for game development, Music industry, Music licensing and clearance, Music online and print magazine writing, editing, publishing, Music preparation, Music production, Music publishing

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