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Bs in mathematics education in Brigham young university provo

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Courses in the undergraduate program are designed to help prospective teachers plan, manage, and implement classroom activities that facilitate students learning of mathematics. Specific program goals include (1) mastery of the foundational skills of mathematics, (2) deep reflection on mathematics learning at all levels, through observation of and participation in highquality classroom practice, (3) increased autonomy and confidence as an investigator, active learner, and productive thinker, and (4) extended field experience, informed by the best current understanding.

Prerequisite courses, Focused letter of Intent, 500word essay, A review of the overall academic record, Resume, 3 letters of recommendation

Majors in mathematics education prepare for careers in teaching at the middle and high school levels and for graduate studies in the field

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Bachelor courses at the University of Leicester UK


Study in Toronto Canada with Toronto School of Management