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Bs in exercise science in Brigham young university provo

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The exercise science program is designed to prepare students for entry into graduate school in one of the disciplines related to exercise science or one of the health care professional schools.Student majoring in exercise science explore how the body functions during physical activity and exercise. Principles and concepts taught in human anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor learning, chemistry, physics, and nutrition are mastered to help understand how the body responds to acute bouts of exercise and how it adapts to chronic physical activity and exercise.

One professional letter of recommendation is required as part of application, A physical exam, within six months prior to the application deadline, Provide a copy of a complete and current immunization record, Group interviews and orientation for acceptance into the program

Graduates work in exercise science are most likely to be employed as a professor/researcher in a university setting. In addition to graduate studies in exercise science, students are also prepared to attend medical school, dental school, osteopathy school, physician assistant and nursing programs, and chiropractic school.

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