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Ba in classical studies with classics in Brigham young university provo

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Classical Studies examine ancient Greek and Roman cultures their languages, literature, history, religion, art, and philosophy. The major offers essential knowledge of philology, ancient history, archaeology, biblical studies, and the literary tradition of Western Europe, as well as traditional grounding in the Classics. Students acquire important foreignlanguage study skills that include careful reading, thoughtful writing, and persuasive speaking. Latin is the mother language not only of Italian, French, and Spanish, but in a real sense of English as well.

Prerequisite courses, Focused letter of Intent, 500word essay, A review of the overall academic record, Resume, 3 letters of recommendation

Majors in Classical Studies find employment in a variety of fields, including business, education, library science, tourism, and civil and foreign service. They are also excellent candidates for graduate work in other humanitiesrelated disciplines and professional schools (law, business, and medicine).

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