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Classical Studies majors in the joint degree program will benefit from the integration of the breadth offered by a William and Mary liberal arts education and the depth offered from a St Andrews degree. The departments have complementary strengths in the ancient languages, ancient history, and archaeology. In combination, students are able to craft a flexible program that allows them to investigate the cultures of the Mediterranean world in great depth, from the Bronze Age through Late Antiquity. Both institutions are known for the excellence of their teaching and the research productivity of their faculty, and students are encouraged to do research, fieldwork, and onsite study. Both institutions offer opportunities for travel and immersive experiences around the Mediterranean. The joint degree in Classical Studies offers two pathways: one via an archaeology and ancient history route and the other via a Greek and Latin route.

The Secondary School Report form, High school transcript, Personal Statement, Counselor letter of recommendation, The Midyear School Report form, Among the ancient languages in which one may demonstrate proficiency at William and Mary are Latin, Greek, and Biblical Hebrew.

Careers in a range of fields, including law, medicine, business, archaeology, and secondary education

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