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Classical civilization in College of william and mary

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The Department of Classical Studies contributes broadly to the humanistic education of the undergraduate student through courses involving the reading of Greek and Latin literature in the original languages and through courses conducted in English in the area of Classical Civilization. We also offer to those students who wish it a specialized training in the Greek, Hebrew and Latin languages or in Classical Civilization for vocational or professional purposes.In recent years, a large number of graduates have become teachers at the secondary level or have continued their study of the Classics in graduate school. Many others have used their undergraduate training as a basic educational background for various business occupations and professions.

The Secondary School Report form, High school transcript, Personal Statement, Counselor letter of recommendation, The Midyear School Report form, Among the ancient languages in which one may demonstrate proficiency at William and Mary are Latin, Greek, and Biblical Hebrew.

Careers in a range of fields, including law, medicine, business, archaeology, and secondary education

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