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Medieval and renaissance studies in College of william and mary

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The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program encourages the interdisciplinary study of Europe between 300 CE and 1700 CE. Capturing the values, practices, and contexts of subjects in these centuries is challenging, not least because of their distance from us. Medieval and Renaissance Studies thus advocates the serious investigation of history, languages, religion, and culture in an effort to narrow what Francesco Petrarca (d. 1374) called the gap of time. The aim is to amplify our comprehension of the women and men who lived in these pivotal epochs. The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program seeks intellectual curiosity and rewards intellectual diligence. In MedRen, students increase their knowledge of medieval and early modern Europe by studying relevant literatures, languages, history, and cultural subjects.

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Archivist, Assistant Curator, Historical Organisations, Art Consultant, Cultural Institutions, Campaign Workers

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