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A concentration in European Studies provides interdisciplinary exposure to Europe's history, culture, and politics, emphasizing both Europe's regional specificity and its historical and contemporary interactions with other global regions. The concentrator prepares students culturally and linguistically for professions in the public and private spheres in the United States and Europe, as well as for graduate study. Core courses are drawn from History, Art History, Classical Studies, Government, and Modern Languages and Literatures, and students choose electives from these and other departments, including Economics, English, Music, Philosophy, and Religion.

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Advertising Consultant, Archivist, Author, Biographer, Community Worker, Cultural Interpreter, Curator, Diplomatic Services, Editor/Publisher, Entrepreneur, Event Coordinator, Foreign Correspondent, Foreign Language Librarian, Foreign Service Worker, Freelance Writer, Government Administrator, Historian, Historical Site Guide, Human Resource Specialist, International Lawyer, Journalist, Legal Secretary, Marketing, Media Correspondent, Nonprofit Administrator, Policy Advisor, Politician, Press Agent, Professor, Radio Host, Speech Writer, Teacher, Travel Agent

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