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As China's political and economic influence grows, interest in studying Chinese language and culture has also drastically increased, both in the United States and in other parts of the world. Chinese has been increasingly considered a must learn foreign language since the U.S. government identified it as a strategic language several years ago.Our Chinese program is designed to meet the rapidly growing interest in China and Chinese culture. We offer a wide range of courses in Chinese language, culture, literature and film. Our major program attracts many students to WandM and serves students well as they prepare to embark on a career that relates to China.

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Advertising, Marketing and PR, Banking, Finance and Accountancy, Charity, Notforprofit and NGO, Culture, Music and Performing Arts, Energy and Utilities, Hospitality and Tourism, Law, Management Consulting and Business, Media, Public Sector and Defense, Recruitment and Human Resources, Retail and Sales, Sport and Recreation., eaching and Education, Transport and Logistics

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