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The German Studies Program at WandM offers German language, literature, philosophy, and cultural studies at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, as well as several courses in German Studies taught in English translation, often crosslisted with Philosophy, History, Religious Studies, Judaic Studies, Film and Media Studies, and European Studies. The German Studies curriculum is designed to facilitate a wide range of research and study opportunities, from the introductory and intermediate study of German, to securing a deep understanding of the history of German literature, thought, and culture, and finally, to helping students formulate research questions and engage in independent scholarly work at an advanced level. At all levels, we stress linguistic and cultural competency as well as substantive historical content.

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Advertising Consultant, Archivist, Author, Biographer, Community Worker, Cultural Interpreter, Curator, Diplomatic Services, Editor/Publisher, Entrepreneur, Event Coordinator, Foreign Correspondent, Foreign Language Librarian, Foreign Service Worker, Freelance Writer, Government Administrator, Historian, Historical Site Guide, Human Resource Specialist, International Lawyer, Journalist, Legal Secretary, Marketing, Media Correspondent, Nonprofit Administrator, Policy Advisor, Politician, Press Agent, Professor, Radio Host, Speech Writer, Teacher, Travel Agent

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