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Anthropologists today work in a variety of settings, performing in a variety of jobs, most of which involve analyzing human behavior in some way or another. The study of social life and the cultural and physical evidence of human experience which anthropology provides can complement many other disciplines from law to economics, from business to teaching, from peacekeeping to police work.Anthropologists are interested in both theoretical and applied pursuits. The discipline incorporates field work, data collection and analysis, but it is also extremely well suited to new theoretical insights and perspectives. Anthropology has a long standing tradition of exchanging ideas and influences with History, Sociology and Biology.

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Education/Outreach, Administration/Management, Archaeology, Ethnography/Cultural Anthropology,Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Evaluation/Assessment, Historic Preservation Health (international/public health), Museum/Curation/Project Design Environment and Natural Resources, Community Development Business ,Advocacy (human rights/social justice) Tourism/Heritage, Human/Social Services, Healthcare Management/Services/Deliver, Consulting/Organizational.

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