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Advanced studies in critical care nursing in Mount royal university

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The ACCN program is the perfect blend of semester-based theoretical coursework and hands on clinical practicums uniquely offered through distance learning to adjust to where you live and your busy life. Applicants have six years to complete the program allowing you to take the courses at your own pace. Flexibility within the semester is built in to allow adult learners to manage external commitments. The ACCN program is recognized by ER and ICU departments across Canada giving graduates from our program a competitive edge when applying for positions.Clinical practicums are offered at select locations across Canada (some restrictions apply). International students, please contact us for possible options. If you already work in the ER or ICU, you may be eligible to challenge the clinical practicum by showcasing your experience.If you are an allied health personnel or nursing student, you may be eligible to take certain theory courses in the ACCN program. Please contact us if you are an allied health personnel or nursing student before applying to discuss your options.

The admission requirements for this program are:graduation from a recognized post-secondary education institution with a degree or diploma as a Registered Nurse or senior-level status in a recognized nursing program.current, active nursing registration with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) or equivalent from another province. If the student is applying from a country other than Canada, they must be eligible for registration with the CARNA.

Cardiac Nurse. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) .Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) .Critical Care Nurse.ER Nurse.Family Nurse, Practitioner (FNP) .Geriatric Nursing.


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