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Certificate in interior design in Inscape education

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Interior Design is about creating inviting and functional environments for people informed by how they live and work, whilst considering their psychological, emotional and physical needs. A good designer looks at feasibility, context, circumstances, and cultural inclusion. A good interior designer knows about emerging technologies, products and services and the latest software used in the sector. On a day to day basis, interior designers meet clients, visit their sites, develop concepts and produce digital technical drawings. Interior designers provide interior design solutions for clients in the retail, hospitality, domestic, exhibition, services, corporate, and specialist industries like healthcare and education environments. Interior Designer's potential job titles may include; interior decorator, merchandiser, show house planner, film set designer, colour and fabric consultant.

16 years of age or older and competent in English

Interior decorator, Merchandiser, Show house planner, Film set designer, Colour and Fabric consultant

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