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%28scqf level 8%29 cpd award developmental creative practice in Uhi millennium institute

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This CPD Award in Developmental Creative Practice (SCQF level 8) provides a short-course opportunity for practitioners in the creative industries. Suitable for artists working in the disciplines of creative writing, dance, digital media, music, film, theatre, traditional crafts and visual art, the award aims to encourage the review, evaluation and, if appropriate, re-centring of personal practice, with the support of a wider peer group from the sector.You will experience a holistic and varied learning experience, including a mix of one to one, project work and group critiques. Delivered fully online, there is flexibility to engage regardless of location. By identifying areas for self-improvement and development, through reflective practice, you will be encouraged to explore new ways of working and to challenge current assumptions about your work.The impact of the coronavirus pandemic was felt across the creative sector, with many artists vulnerable to loss of employment and decreased motivation in the context of making work. This award provides an avenue through which you can reconnect with creativity and likeminded others, providing space and stimulus to explore, clarify, inspire and affirm personal practice.

Applicants must have experience of working within the creative sector and/or have been actively making work for a significant period of time. A minimum of three years is desirable.


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