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%28scqf level 11%29 cpd award digital health and social care in Uhi millennium institute

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The use of IT in health and social care is driven by the demand led by patients, clients, consumers and professionals alongside evolving technology. It has become increasingly necessary for healthcare professionals to acquire skills in the communication of information across a multitude of disciplines, for the safe delivery and steady advancement of health and social care in a digitised environment. There has been a rapid rise in the adoption of digital technologies, with the potential for permanent transformation of the ways in which we operate, communicate and transfer knowledge. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this progress ahead of all expectations, highlighting the need for flexibility and drawing attention to the widening digital skills gap, one that needs to be swiftly reduced in order to stimulate economic recovery and prevent social exclusion. Connectivity and digitalisation will play a hugely important role in our future, with data protection and online security requiring more attention than ever before: trained and competent professionals will ultimately provide the foundation that underpins this progress. This Digital Health and Social Care (SCQF level 11) module will help you play your part in this development, providing you with the opportunities to explore how digitisation is used to improve health and social care delivery systems, through examples such as videolinks for remote consultations, monitoring systems, apps, and software to support rehabilitation. You will learn about data security, legislation, patient confidentiality, and the impact of digital connectivity, especially in relation to improving access for those in remote and rural areas. On successful completion of this module, you will have developed the agility and flexibility needed to keep up with the accelerating pace of technology, with the aim of improving both health care and social care outcomes in the digital environment.

Evidence of being able to study at SCQF level 9 and/or 10 is required,Applications will be assessesed on an individual basis

digital health and care e.g. technical roles, production and delivery roles, user centred design roles, data knowledge and intelligence roles, IT operation roles, cyber security roles,Education in primary, secondary and tertiary environments


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