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Master joint degree in civil engineering in University of brawijaya

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Civil engineers as part of a growing community and society are tasked with designing, building and supervising civil engineering works with the aim of the welfare of more people.And as an educational institution, the Department of Civil Engineering Universitas Brawijaya wants to take a more real role, by constantly improving the quality of the education curriculum and civil laboratory.In order to fulfill the needs of student-oriented civil engineering education to be realized.

2 photograph; A certified copy of the diploma;A legalized copy of Bachelor degrees and Certificates; Letter of recommendation from 2 (two) people for the master program regarding the academic eligibility of the applicant; Scientific work after graduating bachelor / master (optional); Study permit from the employer, if the applicant has worked; A certificate regarding the source of funds and the person in charge of the study; Curriculum Vitae;Health certificate; Copy of TOEFL certificate with a score of 500 (from a credible institution).

Engineer, Communications designer, Computer hardware Engineer, Software Engineer, Computer system designer, Control system designer, Embedded system designer.

30th May

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