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Doctoral joint degree in business administration in University of brawijaya

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Organizing high-quality and efficient teaching and learning processes to teach various cutting-edge concepts in the field of Public and Business Administration in accordance with the development of science and technology in the era of globalization.

2 photograph; A certified copy of the diploma;A legalized copy of Bachelor and Masters degrees and Certificates; Letter of recommendation from 2 (two) people for the master program regarding the academic eligibility of the applicant; Scientific work after graduating bachelor / master (optional); Study permit from the employer, if the applicant has worked; A certificate regarding the source of funds and the person in charge of the study; Curriculum Vitae;Health certificate; Copy of TOEFL certificate with a score of 500 (from a credible institution).

Business Professionals,Entrepreneurs,Health and Human Services Workers,Government Officials,Nonprofit Organization Leaders,Human Resources Managers.

30th May

Berlin School of Business and Innovation


Study in Toronto School of Management


Study in UAE


Foundation courses in Dubai


University Canada West


De Montfort University


Study in The University of Law


Georgian College