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Master in territory planning and management in Federal university of abc

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The Territory Planning and Management Program aims to train professionals and researchers who will contribute to the gradual transformation of the culture of planning and territorial management towards a praxis that, at the same time, recognizes the presence of conflicts, the complexity of agendas and the historical inheritances of the pattern of development. It seeks to stimulate the approach of the territorial problems starting from a treatment that privileges the dialogue between the different disciplinary traditions, the interlocution with different actors of the spatial dynamics and of the planning, the critical and reflexive perspective supported by solid scientific knowledge and in ethical commitment.

Copy of Passport, Student Transcript of Records, Official high school transcript, Official transcripts, Statement of purpose, Average GPA needed.

Businessman , Communications officer, Computer services Associate, Teacher, Foreign service Associate, Government Staff, Journalist, Lawyer, Librarian, Museum curatorship, Politician.

15th Nov

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