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Master of science in forest science in Laval university

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This training will equip you to understand the scientific, technical and economic issues and to contribute to the sustainable management of the forest, the territory and the environment. This program will help you learn about sustainable forest management and the biophysical environment. Depending on your interests, you may choose courses on ecosystem management, hydrology, geomatics, tropical ecosystems, pathology and more. An apprenticeship in the workplace will allow you to integrate and apply the knowledge you have learned.

A Bachelor of Science degree (eg forest planning and environment, forestry operations) or a diploma deemed equivalent, an average program or graduation of 3.00 out of 4.33 or the equivalent, certificate of graduation, school reports, cover letter, curriculum vitae, acceptance of a test director, two appraisal reports, French and English language skills, TFI test scores

Coordinator of Environmental Certification, Natural Resources Development Advisor, Project manager, Forest Policy Analyst, Environmental Certification Advisor

15th Jan

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