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Master of science in wood science with thesis in Laval university

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This advanced training will help you to optimize the use of wood and its transformation, to improve knowledge on the properties of wood and the emergence of new products in a perspective of sustainable development . The objective of this program is to help you deepen your expertise in wood sciences while allowing you to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and research in one of the fields of wood sciences. You will specialize and participate in finding solutions and developing innovative products.

The Bachelor of Science degree, or a degree deemed equivalent, with an average graduation or pathway, if any, of 3.2 out of 4.33, certificate of graduation, transcript, cover letter, curriculum vitae, acceptance of a research director, two appraisal reports, French and English language skills, TFI test scores

Technical Adviser, Factory manager, Technical director, Director of Product Development, Research Professionals, Head of Research and Development, Innovation Support Specialist

15th Jan

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