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Masters in ancient egypt and the near east in Charles university

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The graduate can apply in all professions that require the ability to sort, process and critically evaluate information and express their thoughts accurately and comprehensibly in both oral and written expression. He can be employed as an independent or senior executive in institutions focused on the collection and study of material culture monuments and evidence of spiritual culture and art in the area, such as museums, galleries, and other cultural or educational institutions. In addition, he can also work in the mass media and publishing houses and as a consultant also in the field of tourism, business relations and non-governmental organizations with a focus on the area.

A completed Bachelor s degree , an official transcript of records from your previous university studies, an official translation of the two above into Czech (translation is not required if the original documents were issued in English), a certificate of equivalence from Czech educational authorities which states that your certificate/diploma is recognised in the Czech Republic (called nostrification ), if you completed your previous education abroad, TOEFL ibT of 80, IELTS of 6.5, IB English 6, Melab 77, TOEIC 605

Careers in Museums, Galleries, and other Cultural or educational institutions, Mass media and Publishing houses


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