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Med extension catholic theology in University of tubingen

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The program offers a balanced mix of basic, research-related and school-related content. In the basic study common basic events with bachelor students, thereby subject exchange easily possible.

Applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree: A certificate stating that the applicant has successfully completed a first university degree or a certificate (or equivalent documents) providing evidence of the successful completion of at least the year prior to his/her final examination in the equivalent studies (with a minimum of 120 ECTS credits) and a complete transcript of records, who have not yet completed their undergraduate degree are required to hand in a complete transcript including a calculated average grade. Applicants who have an average grade below 2,5 (German grading system) need to submit a statement from their examination office that they may still obtain a first university degree with a final grade of 2,5 or higher, Letter of motivation, CV in tabular format in English or German, Certificate equivalent to the German Abitur certificate (i.e. A-level certificate) qualifying for university admission

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