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Ma aesthetics and science of arts in Keio university

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The program has two focuses on research into non-verbal art: theoretical research (aesthetics and art science) and historical research (art history, music history, stage art history, and contemporary artistic theory). Full-time faculty members are complemented by several part-time lecturers who are in charge of each course and cover a wide variety of diverse fields. After studying abroad and participating in practical research activities in Japan and abroad, students will be well prepared to begin professional careers that utilize their respective specialties. The doctoral program aims to train professionals who will be active as specialized researchers both in Japan and abroad.

Photo, Academic transcript, Certificate(s) of language proficiency, Written oath, Approval to study abroad, Letter of acceptance, GRE test score (if applicable), Certificate of admission from the graduate school (if applicable)

Auctioneer, Collections manager, Communications coordinator, Creative or technical writer, Curator.

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