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Llm in the prevention and suppression of international crime at sea in University of malta

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This programme of study is a Joint Master's degree between the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta and the Department of Law at the University of Ferrara. The students will be able to learn a new topic which they would not have studied in their undergraduate studies thereby applying their knowledge to a new area of the law. They will, in particular, acquire understanding of the law related to the prevention and suppression of international crime at sea and international law dealing with transnational and international crime at sea.

The Bachelor degree in the same or in a closely related area of study as that applied for, with an average mark of not less than 55% in that area, TOEFL ibT of 95, IELTS of 6.5, Cambridge Advanced Certificate, SELT pass

Criminal Justice officer, Researcher, Journalist, Academic author, Government official

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