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Master of education med in The university of auckland

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This qualification is relevant to those working in a wide range of education areas. It provides the opportunity to review, inform and improve your knowledge and professional practice. You will develop knowledge, skills and experience in critiquing and undertaking educational research in your area of interest to enhance your practice. Through an independent inquiry under supervision from high-calibre experts within the faculty, you can contribute valuable knowledge and understanding to the field of education. This is a research masters programme with a 120-point and a 180-point option available.

Personal Statement, High School Transcript, You must have completed one year of postgraduate study in education, following an undergraduate degree, from a recognised university (or similar institution) with a GPE of 5.0., Atleast 6.5 IELTS Academic.

Communities of Learning (CoLs) Leader, Education Sector Leader, Human Resources Practitioner, Organisational Development Manager, School/centre Specialist or Manager, Trainer in Organisations.

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