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Mcm construction management in Auckland university of technology

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The Master of Construction Management has been developed in partnership with construction industry leaders to meet the demand for professional managers who are technically competent in construction and able to manage the complexity of modern construction projects.The programme is aimed at construction professionals including engineers, quantity surveyors and architects.

Arelevant bachelor s degree or (b) a relevant graduate diploma or (c) a relevant professional qualification approved by the dean (or representative)to be equivalent to at least a three-year bachelor s degree and (d) relevant engineering or managerial professional experience approved by the dean (or representative) to be equivalent to one year of advanced study.An applicant must normally have completed 1(a) or (b) above with a B grade average or higher in papers at level 7. An applicant may seek admission on the basis of relevant professional experience deemed by the dean (or representative) to be equivalent to the level of competence specified in any of 1(a) to 1(c) above.

Architectural and Engineering Managers, Civil Engineers, Cost Estimators, Landscape Architects.

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