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Life science is a comprehensive academic discipline that most directly contributes to solving the health, medical care, and food supply problems that are the foundation for the better human life. The life science-based industry is at the core of the future growth engine business that meets the demand for medical and healthcare services due to the entry of the elderly society.The Department of Life Science is working to educate students specialized in the medical and biotechnology fields by developing into a multidisciplinary science that breaks down barriers between disciplines and creates new values based on rapidly accumulating biological knowledge.

Original copy of diploma or certificate of (expected) graduation from the latest education institution , Study Plan,/Letter of Consent, Resume, Original copy of a bank statement showing more than USD 18,000 or the same amount of the applicant's country's currency(issued within the past 30 days),Recommendation letter from a supervising professor in Hallym University , Language Proficiency certificates , Family registration certificate / Birth certificate , 2 copies of passport photo, TB Certificate - Signed doctor's letter confirming the student is free of TB(after chest X-Ray)

Geologists, Ecologist,Environmental consultant,Field trials officer,Marine scientist, Nature conservation officer

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