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Ma advanced international and european studies in University of granada

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The Master in Advanced International and European Studies reaches its third edition in the 2018/2019 academic year after replacing the Master in International Law and International Relations. Its essential characteristics (face-to-face, teaching in Spanish, complementary activities such as seminars and conferences, a trip to European institutions, etc.) reflect the firm commitment to improve the content and performance of the postgraduate course taught by the Department of International Law Public and International Relations of the University of Granada. The Alestine Master's degree is aimed at both those students who want to pursue an academic and / or research training as well as future professionals in law and international relations (Diplomatic career, International public function, Law and International Consulting and specialization in international issues for NGOs ).

An official university bachelor's degree from an institution in Spain or the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). A degree from an institution outside the European Higher Education Area. Academic records or transcripts indicating the marks you obtained in the courses on your degree and their duration (expressed either in terms of ECTS credits or in months), An official document indicating the minimum mark required to pass a course on your undergraduate degree and the maximum mark obtainable.

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