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Master in ocean technology and marine affairs in National cheng kung university

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Taiwan s establishment of the country by the sea is inextricably linked with the ocean. In the future, there is a lack of talents in the country s development that can effectively solve domestic and international marine-related issues. And how to cultivate talents that can solve the problem of ocean affairs is the purpose of the establishment of the Institute. The Institute's full name is Ocean Science and Technology and Affairs Research Institute . It is expected to cultivate professional talents with expertise in science and affairs and management in the field of marine professionals, and focus on international professionals. Therefore, the main axis of education is technology, management, and law. The integration of the four areas of policy, recruiting professional teachers from four major directions, planning related teaching courses and developing research areas of special characteristics.

Bachelor s degree diploma, Chinese research proposal, Chinese or English autobiography, basic Chinese skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing ability in Chinese, achelor s degree transcript (or above) by year, Two recommendation letters, Study plan, ALTE Level 5, IELTS of 7.5, TOEFL ibT of 103, TOEIC of 950, C2 Mastery

Program Coordinator, Engagement Officer, Senior Associate, Lenfest Ocean Program, Lead Ocean Economist, Sustainable Seafood Initiative Manager

30th Mar

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