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Master in tropical plant sciences in National cheng kung university

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The courses we offer are divided into three parts, the first part is aim to teach students the basic sciences of plant growth and development, plant biochemistry, plant anatomy and plant metabolism. The second part of the course is teaching students how a convergence of tropical plant sciences, genomics and bioinformatics can accelerate the development of metabolomics. The third part of the course is a continuation of the second part of the course and based upon knowledge of basic plant sciences to implement concept of plant biotechnology. Plant biotechnology encompasses the development, optimization and usage of biotechnological processes for the purpose of innovating and achieving greater efficiency in plant production.

Bachelor s degree diploma, Chinese research proposal, Chinese or English autobiography, basic Chinese skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing ability in Chinese, achelor s degree transcript (or above) by year, Two recommendation letters, Study plan, ALTE Level 5, IELTS of 7.5, TOEFL ibT of 103, TOEIC of 950, C2 Mastery

Plant Care Specialist, Senior Horticulturist, Marketing Specialist, Landscape Manager, Conservatory Technician

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