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Master of music in conducting in Brigham young university provo

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Students develop advanced, personal conducting skills and techniques that are precise and suited to a variety of musical needs; attain confidence, poise, and clarity with the baton; learn effective rehearsal techniques; and become familiar with a variety of instrumental and choral scores representing the repertoire of various music periods and sacred and secular styles. They learn to convey through gesture music s power and gentleness and its directness and subtlety to both the performer and audience and to select and bring to the community the great masterpieces of instrumental and choral literature.

Prerequisite: baccalaureate degree in music or equivalent, Auditions, Focused letter of intent, 500word essay, A review of the overall academic record, Resume, 3 letters of recommendation

Music professor, Music Teacher, Studio teaching, Music education, Media music production, Recording and sound technology, Arts management, Music journalism, Composition, and other musicrelated professions

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