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Ma psychology in College of william and mary

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Master's students are integrally involved in research conducted in the Psychology Department. In many cases, faculty members develop and work with research teams comprised of undergraduate and M.A. students. As a team, the group collaborates to design, conduct, analyze, and publish the work. Students regularly become coauthors of articles in professional journals.Faculty support student interests in a wide range of research areas, including behavioral neuroscience, social, cognitive, clinical, and developmental psychology. Laboratory facilities include observation and research rooms, an animal colony, laboratories for studies in human and animal physiology, perception and cognition, and social psychology. There are also developmental psychology laboratories devoted to infant, child, and adolescent research.

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Clinical psychologist, Counselling psychologist,Educational psychologist, Forensic psychologist, Further education teacher, Health psychologist, Occupational psychologist, Primary care graduate mental health worker, Psychological wellbeing practitioner, Sport and exercise psychologist

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