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Phd in defense acquisition program in Kwangwoon university

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As an educational and research institute that strives to live up to its founding motto, Diligence , Thrift and Exploration , in addition to its educational philosophy of Veritas et Lux, Kwangwoon University aims to produce advanced researchers who have unique research capabilities. The vision of Kwangwoon University s Graduate School is to achieve a true, educational butterfly effect by continuously investing in education, research, welfare and scholarship program and turning the small passion, dream and research effort in each lab into world-changing ideas.

KWU application form, 3 pictures(same), Personal statement and Study plan (1-2 pages), Doctorate degree applicant : Transcript of Undergraduate and Graduate school; Transcripts, Transfer students need to translate their transcripts in Korean or English, Notarized Certificate of Diploma: An Apostille or an official endorsement from the applicant's country embassy (with notarization marks printed on the transcript),Release of Information Form, Copy of an applicant s passport,Family registration certificate issued by the governmental offices and each family members identification card,Financial certificate(The financial guarantor's certificate of bank deposit over USD 20,000); Attendance and Transcript Certificate of Korean Process(Only suitable student), Application fee : KRW 60,000.

Government officer, Commander, Gerenal, Captain, etc.


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