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Phd history in College of william and mary

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The Ph.D. program combines a broad approach to history and close attention to our students. Our Ph.D. alumni are broadly trained scholars and teachers who are leaders in their fields of specialty.In their first year, students take a core course in method and theory, research seminars, and thematic as well as regionallybased reading seminars. Students will also prepare a research portfolio consisting of two major research papers. Students will then receive their M.A. degrees and take another year of topical reading seminars. In the fall semester of their third year, Ph.D. students take a written and oral comprehensive qualifying examination in four fields. Students receive instruction in teaching techniques, and have opportunities to serve as Teaching Assistants and to teach their own courses under the supervision of faculty. Ph.D. students receive full funding (tuition fees and stipend) for six years.

Writing Sample, Letters of Recommendation, Official Transcripts, Foreign Language Competency

Editors, Historical archaeologists, and Public history professionals in historical societies, libraries and museums

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